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The Joy of Reading in Marathi: Why I Love This Language and Its Literature

Essay On My Favourite Hobby Reading In Marathi

Reading is my favourite hobby. I love to read books in Marathi, my mother tongue. Marathi is a rich and beautiful language that has a long literary tradition. Reading books in Marathi gives me joy, knowledge and inspiration.

Essay On My Favourite Hobby Reading In Marathi

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I started reading books in Marathi when I was a child. My parents and grandparents used to read stories to me from various books. They also encouraged me to read books on my own. I used to go to the library and borrow books of different genres. I enjoyed reading fairy tales, comics, adventure stories, biographies, historical novels and more.

As I grew up, I developed a taste for more mature and diverse literature. I started reading the works of famous Marathi writers like P.L. Deshpande, Acharya Atre, V.P. Kale, Pravin Davane, Narendra Jadhav and others. I also read poetry, essays, plays and criticism by various Marathi poets and critics. I learned a lot from reading these books. They enriched my vocabulary, improved my writing skills, broadened my perspective and stimulated my imagination.

Reading books in Marathi also helped me to appreciate the beauty and culture of my language. I learned about the history, traditions, values and achievements of the Marathi people. I also learned about the diversity and unity of the Marathi language. I felt proud to be a part of this linguistic community.

Reading books in Marathi is not only a hobby but also a passion for me. I read books whenever I get time and wherever I go. I always carry a book with me in my bag or on my phone. Reading books relaxes me and makes me happy. It also challenges me and motivates me to learn new things.

Reading books in Marathi is my favourite hobby because it gives me pleasure, knowledge and inspiration. It also connects me with my language, culture and identity. Reading books in Marathi is a way of life for me.


In conclusion, reading books in Marathi is my favourite hobby because it gives me many benefits. It enriches my mind, enhances my skills, entertains me and enlightens me. It also makes me proud of my language and culture. Reading books in Marathi is a hobby that I will never give up.

My Favourite Books in Marathi

There are many books in Marathi that I love to read. Some of them are:

  • Asa Mi Asami by P.L. Deshpande: This is a humorous and satirical book that depicts the life of a common man in Mumbai. The book is full of witty dialogues, hilarious situations and memorable characters. The book makes me laugh and also makes me think about the social issues of our times.

  • Karun Gelo Gaav by Acharya Atre: This is a classic novel that portrays the rural life of Maharashtra in the early 20th century. The novel is a masterpiece of realism, humor and social criticism. The novel shows the struggles, joys and sorrows of the villagers and their relationship with the land, nature and society.

  • Partner by V.P. Kale: This is a collection of short stories that explore the theme of friendship. The stories are simple, touching and insightful. The stories show how friends can support, comfort, inspire and transform each other's lives.

  • Shyamchi Aai by Sane Guruji: This is an autobiographical book that narrates the childhood memories of the author and his mother. The book is a tribute to the mother's love, sacrifice and wisdom. The book teaches me the values of honesty, compassion and gratitude.

  • Zombi by Pravin Davane: This is a thriller novel that deals with the topic of organ trafficking. The novel is a gripping and suspenseful story that exposes the dark side of the medical industry. The novel also raises ethical and moral questions about life and death.

The Importance of Reading Books in Marathi